We operate a quality management ISO/ certified system and are committed to providing high quality services and products to our customers.

Our methodology of work focuses on providing products conforming to international standards. We have a dedicated team of specialists with all the necessary hand on skills looking after the complete process control. Our empowered employees are always focused on safety, high quality products exceeding customer’s expectation.

Our Products conform to international standards ensuring reliability & consistency. Our emphasis is an in house process quality assurance thereby minimizing the need for subsequent rework. Testing tools like hardness Testers, Optical Microscopes, Universal Testing Machines, Shadowgraphs and Ultra Sonography Machines are used wherever required.


We work constantly towards providing our customers with the best products, services and value possible. We ensure best grade quality, continuity and efficient production to our products and maintain on-time delivery and tight production schedules. And all these have been made possible through dedication of our empowered team, their hard work and integrity. We follow a path of continual improvement with a proactive approach through involvement, training, and competency enhancement of them. We always work towards providing our customers with quality products and technical expertise to meet or exceed their satisfaction.


To reduce customer’s complaints through Quality Assurance.

To reduce production of non conforming products.

To improve productivity.

To ensure customer satisfaction.